Digital health and global health (November 2021)

In this note, we recall the conceptual elements of digital health, then present the main opportunities and challenges. With these issues explained, we suggest some proposals to strengthen France’s position in the global governance of digital health. With its major assets, France would gain a foothold by structuring its action and taking its place in international bodies in this strategic and rapidly expanding field.

The French-German axis, a driving force for global health ? (November 2020)

This note presents the interests of strengthening links between France and Germany on global health at a time when the Covid-19 crisis illustrates the need to think about health issues across borders.

Structuring the academic field of global health in France (February 2020)

Why is it that there is currently no teaching and research program dedicated to global health in France? This note takes stock of the issues at stake and gives some pointers on how to move forward on this important project.

UNAIDS: What stakes, what future? (October 2019)

Winnie Byanyima took office as UNAIDS Executive Director on November 1st, 2019. In this note, the Global Health 2030 group shares a collective reflection on the uniqueness of the programme, its current mandate and the key challenges (health, financial, organizational) that the new Director will face.

The existence of a European health commissioner is essential for the health of Europeans (July 2019)

The European Union has a key role to play in health, in strengthening the efforts of EU countries, proposing legislation, facilitating the exchange of good practices, pursuing common health promotion policies and providing a stronger European voice on the international scene.

The French institutional framework for global health: reflections and proposals (June 2019)

In a context marked by the advent of SDGs, the expected increase in French funding dedicated to global health, and the reorganization of public action, it is important to anticipate changes and, perhaps, to rethink our institutional system in global health so that it becomes more coherent, clearer and more effective.

Contribution to the next Global Fund Replenishment Conference (December 2018)

The Replenishment Conference should not only be an opportunity to recall that France is the second historical contributor to the Global Fund, it can and must also be a time for more general reflection on the future of the Global Fund.

Breathing new life into the fight against tuberculosis (July 2018)

The note makes recommendations for France to politically reinvest in multilateral global health spaces, to promote the fight against tuberculosis as a symbol and indicator of progress in universal health coverage and to put research at the heart of the international agenda.

Health is a priority for the Sahel (November 2017)

Health issues have particularly important implications for the countries of the Sahel, a vast region that is among the poorest in the world. While significant progress has been made in recent years on infectious diseases, many challenges remain: inequalities in access to care, structural food crises, administrative and human resource deficits, and a sense of abandonment on the part of local populations.

Our vision of global health

Read our vision of global health in this synthesis paper.

White Paper on Global Health

Global Health 2030 – a think tank and analysis group on major global health issues – aims to formulate proposals to help French policy makers develop a coherent, more effective strategy that sets priorities in line with the resources available to France.