What’s new in Global Health ? August 2020

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Like every month, discover our press review on global health by following this link: https://www.scoop.it/t/sante-mondiale.

If the Covid-19 pandemic obviously remains the central theme of this press review, we have chosen to approach it from two complementary angles.
Firstly, we propose a series of articles on governance issues, as this is one of our major themes of reflection for the year 2020. For example, about the future of multilateralism (interview with Rony Brauman), the WHO (Auriane Guilbauld), the role of scientific councils (Laetitia Atlani-Duault), the interest of health promotion approaches (Linda Cambon, François Alla, Valéry Ridde), the Brazilian particularities of the response to the crisis or the importance and specificities of European negotiations in the Covid-19 times.

Still on governance, and in the framework of a Global Health 2030 / Terra Nova partnership, we are pleased to share with you a note by Olivier Nay: “Should we save Private WHO ?” (in french). This very comprehensive analysis proposes six areas of work to reinvent WHO: a strengthened authority in emergency contexts, more financial autonomy, an internal reorganization aimed at restoring its Director General’s authority and efficiency, greater inclusion of scientific communities, more active participation of non-state organizations in the governance of the organisation and, finally, integration of global health into the challenges of biodiversity and climate.

We then put forward a selection of articles related to the social aspects of the Covid epidemic. Two articles are dedicated to the issue of social inequalities, which are not only revealed, but even aggravated by the epidemic (a podcast from France Culture on the social determinants of health and the challenges of social epidemiology, and an article by Ryoa Chung on social injustices). Two articles then question the access of the poorest to a future vaccine (an article by Kai Kupferschmidt for the journal “Science”, and an article by Jean-Francois Alesandrini, Benjamin Coriat and Stéphanie Leyronas pointing out the risks linked to the commodification of health in the world). This selection also addresses the specific impact of Covid on women (with the launch of a website “Gender and Covid”), on child malnutrition, on community resilience, on cross-border populations or on prisoners.

We hope that this selection of articles will allow you to have a clearer vision of global health issues…

We would also like to take this opportunity to tell you that, if the health situation allows it, and in partnership with the AFD (Agence Française de Développement), we will be organising a workshop on health systems strengthening (HSS) in West and Central Africa, on Tuesday 29 September next (afternoon), at the Salle Mistral in Paris. There will be a more specific discussion on the Global Fund’s approach to HSS, we will come back to you with a more detailed program in due course.

What’s new in Global Health ? June 2020

Like every month, discover our press review on global health by following this link: https://www.scoop.it/t/sante-mondiale.

The last few weeks have been particularly busy for our think tank (as you can imagine) and the selection we are putting forward today is essentially an “in-house” press review, taking up what we have produced as a think tank over the last few weeks, or what our various members have been able to write, in connection with our collective reflections on the Covid-19 crisis.

The question of global health governance is obviously a central subject of this press review. We recently published an article in Le Monde (“The WHO we want for tomorrow”), followed by a commentary in The Lancet, (“The WHO we want”). In this selection, you will also find interviews of Michel Kazatchkine (on France Culture), of François Dabis (on France Inter), as well as an op-ed by Stéphanie Tchiombiano and Auriane Guilbaud in Libération. Still on the same theme, we invite you to watch (or rewatch 😉 ) our hearing with the Foreign Affairs Committee of the French National Assembly (in french, here) and we invite you to watch a webinar entitled “Should we rethink global health after the Covid-19 pandemic?” (in french) with François Dabis and Marie-Paule Kieny, within the framework of the ISPED seminars (here).

The question of health democracy has also been at the heart of our reflections in recent weeks, and we share with you a note written on the initiative of Jean-François Delfraissy entitled “The inclusion and participation of the whole of société́ in the response to Covid-19” (here). You will also find on this theme a joint tribune by Olivier Nay and Louis Pizarro on the place of civil society in the management of the Covid crisis, and a joint article by Olivier Nay and Annabel Desgrées du Loû on the importance of communication in times of crisis. Finally, we share with you an interview with Olivier Nay for One’s “Pass the MIC” programme, some of his articles on the risks linked to Covid for our individual liberties (in the Lancet and the AOC magazine), as well as an interview with Jean-François Delfraissy for the Journal du Sida (and a nice portrait of him in Libération).

We hope that this selection which gathers press and scientific articles, will give you a clearer vision of global health issues.

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