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Like every month, discover our press review on global health, available as usual by clicking on this link:

If the Covid-19 pandemic remains the central theme of this press review, we have chosen to approach it from the specific angle of health democracy, a theme on which our think tank has been working for several months: how to make the importance of debate and consultation heard in a crisis context such as the one we are currently experiencing? What role should civil society, patients’ associations, users of the health system or simply citizens play?

First of all, we are pleased to share with you our note “The inclusion and participation of the whole society in the response to Covid 19“, which you can download directly here (in french), as well as a series of articles on this theme, written by different members of our think tank, such as Olivier Nay, Jean-François Delfraissy, Françoise Barré-Sinoussi, Louis Pizarro or Annabel Desgrées du Lou.

You will then find some of the founding documents of health democracy, from the Denver Charter of 1983 and the GIPA principle of involvement of people living with HIV, to the French law of 4 March 2002. We have also selected for you a founding article by Jonathan Mann, as well as a few guides and reference documents on the implementation of the main participatory principles: an e-book on health democracy coordinated by Didier Tabuteau in partnership with the SciencesPo Health Chair, the guide for user representatives from France Assos Santé and a technical sheet from the Haute Autorité de Santé on feedback from users on their experiences with Covid.

In addition to several calls to decision-makers and the opinions of the CCNE, the Scientific Council and the National Health Convention on this topic, several articles in The Lancet, BMJ, The Conversation and Le Monde take stock of the importance of involving civil society, users and citizens in the response to the crisis. You will also be able to listen to the senate hearing of the representatives of patients’ associations in relation to the Covid crisis.

We hope that this selection, which, as every month, brings together press articles and scientific articles, will give you a clearer vision of global health issues…

We also share with you the link to the streaming of the conference we organized on 29 September with AFD: “Rethinking the Global Fund’s Involvement in Health Systems Strengthening“, here (in french), as well as the summary of the results of Anne Bekelynck’s study in this framework, available here (in french).

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