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We have decided to devote it this time to the One Health approach. While this approach promoting an integrated approach to human health, animal health and the environment is not new, the Covid crisis has put it at the centre of attention, and invites us to think about health differently, with a particular emphasis on the interdependence between human and animal well-being and respect for ecosystems.

We have selected for you some theoretical articles on this concept born at the beginning of the 2000s, as well as general articles, such as that of Philippe Myers, presenting the stakes and the main principles of this new, deeply multidisciplinary approach.

Climate change threatens to undermine the achievements of the last 50 years in public health. It reinforces the ever closer proximity between human habitats and animals (which are losing their natural habitats) and we thought it would be interesting to focus in particular on zoonoses, those diseases transmitted from animals to humans. You will be able to read an interview with Didier Sicard and several articles showing the increase in frequency and power of these zoonoses.

We also share with you some reference documents from international organisations involved in these issues (UNEP, OIE, WHO and FAO), the latest IPCC report and some international or French initiatives related to these issues (the Lancet Countdown, the Prezode Initiative, the OSH approach). Things are changing, as evidenced by the opening up of the ANRS mandate to emerging infectious diseases.

We also felt the importance to delve deeper into the operational aspects of this approach, which for the moment remains very conceptual for most of us. We have therefore selected a few articles or documents proposing concrete avenues for implementation, such as a Veterinarians Without Borders guide, a World Bank operational framework, or even a few articles on how hospitals, for example, can become “green”.

Finally, at the end of this chapter, we will discuss other issues: antimicrobial resistance, measures to adapt to or mitigate the risks of climate change, food-related issues, the results of the Paris Agreements, the forthcoming establishment of a high-level council of experts “One health” in France and the latest human development report which now includes environment-related indicators.

We hope that this selection, which, as every month, brings together press and scientific articles, will give you a clearer view of global health issues….

The entire team of Santé mondiale 2030 wishes you a very happy new year 2021.

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