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The last few weeks have been particularly busy for our think tank (as you can imagine) and the selection we are putting forward today is essentially an “in-house” press review, taking up what we have produced as a think tank over the last few weeks, or what our various members have been able to write, in connection with our collective reflections on the Covid-19 crisis.

The question of global health governance is obviously a central subject of this press review. We recently published an article in Le Monde (“The WHO we want for tomorrow”), followed by a commentary in The Lancet, (“The WHO we want”). In this selection, you will also find interviews of Michel Kazatchkine (on France Culture), of François Dabis (on France Inter), as well as an op-ed by Stéphanie Tchiombiano and Auriane Guilbaud in Libération. Still on the same theme, we invite you to watch (or rewatch 😉 ) our hearing with the Foreign Affairs Committee of the French National Assembly (in french, here) and we invite you to watch a webinar entitled “Should we rethink global health after the Covid-19 pandemic?” (in french) with François Dabis and Marie-Paule Kieny, within the framework of the ISPED seminars (here).

The question of health democracy has also been at the heart of our reflections in recent weeks, and we share with you a note written on the initiative of Jean-François Delfraissy entitled “The inclusion and participation of the whole of société́ in the response to Covid-19” (here). You will also find on this theme a joint tribune by Olivier Nay and Louis Pizarro on the place of civil society in the management of the Covid crisis, and a joint article by Olivier Nay and Annabel Desgrées du Loû on the importance of communication in times of crisis. Finally, we share with you an interview with Olivier Nay for One’s “Pass the MIC” programme, some of his articles on the risks linked to Covid for our individual liberties (in the Lancet and the AOC magazine), as well as an interview with Jean-François Delfraissy for the Journal du Sida (and a nice portrait of him in Libération).

We hope that this selection which gathers press and scientific articles, will give you a clearer vision of global health issues.