After working five years as a doctor in a mother and child protection centre in Seine-Saint-Denis (La Courneuve), Paul Benkimoun turned to full-time medical journalism in 1988. He worked for ten years in the medical press before joining the editorial staff of the daily newspaper “Le Monde” in 1999, as an editor specialising in health issues. In addition to news, he covers epidemics and pandemics – particularly HIV/AIDS – and global health issues.

Since 2006, Paul Benkimoun has been working as a university teacher. From 2006 to 2015, he held an associate professorship at the University of Bordeaux Ségalen (2006-2015), which included teaching in the framework of the master’s degree “History, Philosophy and Mediation of Sciences” as well as in the preparation course for the journalism school competitions at the IEP of Bordeaux. Since 2010, he has been responsible for the “Communication on drug-related risks” component of the Eu2P European e-learning master’s degree “European program in Pharmacovigilance and in Pharmacoepidemiology” (teaching in English), which was initiated by the University of Bordeaux. In addition, he has also given lectures at Sciences Po Paris and the CNAM.

Paul Benkimoun is the author of several books in the field of medicine and health, as well as jazz. Among his books is “Morts sans ordonnance”, which recounts the global battle for access to medicines, culminating in the Doha Declaration adopted by the World Trade Organization (WTO).